Thursday, January 13, 2011

A photo a day...

So on my FaceBook profile, I started a project where I am taking and posting a photo each day to share a little something about my life. My daughter suggested I do the same thing on my garden blog. Well, right now all you would see of my garden is white snowdrifts! But I do have quite a few photos from previous seasons that I thought I could post with a bit of commentary. During the growing season, I will probably post current photos of what I'm up to in the garden. So here is my first "garden photo of the day":
I so love this picture of Emi and Elias. I was picking tomatoes (and picking... and picking...and...) with the kids. They LOVE to play on the lawn tractor. Emily, as you can see, is a princess at heart so is wearing her pink dress-up "dancing skirt" (gals, you know the kind--when you twirl around in circles it flairs out beautifully). They were just being so darn cute that day. This was about 4 years ago. What cuties! And the tomatoes were great, too!

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