Friday, June 19, 2009

A Blooming Gardener! :-)

Our youngest daughter celebrated her sixth birthday in May. She had been helping with various gardening things--from planting seeds in flats to putting out transplants. All this time she had commented that she wanted her own garden. So, for her birthday Daddy suggested that we give Emily her own garden--complete with Emily-sized tools, garden gloves, watering can, seeds, and garden fence. I think she wasn't so sure that she liked this non-princess gift from her well-meaning parents, but the excitement has grown with each step of getting her own little garden underway. First came setting out the fence in a newly-tilled portion of the garden, then marking rows and planting seeds. Mommy has had to help with weeding, but Emily is doing pretty well with that now that the plants have a headstart. The interest grew more with the addition of petunias (leftover from Mommy's windowboxes). So, here are some pictures of Emily's Own Garden. Emily took all the pictures except the first one.


Angela said...

Emily's garden is beautiful, and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow as much as possible on the Thursday night CSA visits.

April said...

Emily has room for a few more plants--she has mentioned carrots. We'll see what else we can find in the seed box!

SuburbanGardener said...

Very cool having lil girl help in the garden. It is nice when they start from seed and see the whole growing process. A little confused here if you're in MN or Philly. Where are you? Probably a big difference in growing between those 2 places.

April said...

Howdy SG!

I AM in MN. (Maybe I should clarify that on my bio!) I'm guessing it probably IS a bit different than Philly. We are zone 4, experienced frosts in mid-May this year and usually nipped by an early frost, though perpetually hoping for a late fall.

Emily helped me with a lot of seeds that we started indoors, and was excited as we watched seeds put out their little first tendril and then send up a stem. It's a lot tougher waiting for direct-seeded plants to pop up outdoors. :-) A good mix of seeds and bedding plants kept the excitement level up, though.