Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beautiful Blossoms and Early Crops

I was just up in the garden and am sharing some of the sights that are to be seen. These are some cheery cherry tomato blossoms, and LOOK! A baby Golden Nugget yellow cherry tomato!
The peppers will not be left out of the act! They are producing blossoms right and left!

The tomatillos are going to be abundant. The plants have literally hundreds of blossoms!

Ahhhhhh! This is a sight to make any Minnesota taste buds jump for joy! Sugar Snaps! Ready to eat!

Then when you peek in the greenhouse, here are all the little melon plants ready to set out.


SuburbanGardener said...

Great plants!! It is so cool to see how well others are doing in the garden. Looks fantastic. Keep up the good work!!

April said...

Thank you, SG! And if you're wondering about the added greenery amongst the snap peas... I have a lot of cosmos that self-seeded from last year. I left them to grow so I will have pretty flowers after the peas have gone on to meet the compost pile.