Monday, March 2, 2009

Starting seeds!

The seeds came, and now we can get started! I like to have my leeks and onions planted early February, but late Feb. had to suffice. On Feb. 25 my two youngest kids helped to get some seeds planted. We planted most of our onions, and about half the tomato and peppers. The rest will (hopefully) get planted tomorrow, along with a second planting of scallions.

It's lots of fun to play in the dirt! Here Emi is filling a cell tray for tomatoes and Elias is filling small containers for onions. Emily loves helping with the seeds. Elias loves playing in the dirt!


The Conservative Gardener said...

Welcome back! It's the busy time of year for gardeners and it looks like you & yours are getting busy. I just planted my tomato seeds last week......maybe we should race!

April said...

Hmmm, me thinks you would still have a slight advantage! But we will see!!! So, expected transplant date here is May 5 (and that is with row cover in case of frost). But I do have tricks up my sleeve. Those tomatoes are treated like royalty!