Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Garden Journal Notes

Garden journal notes (before I forget to write them down!):

Feb. 25: seeded Brandywine, Jellybean, New Girl, Sweet Olive, Amish Paste Tomatoes; Dulce Jalapeno, King of the North, Lipstick Peppers (all peppers and tomatoes in micro-blocks, except 1/2 the Brandywine and all Jellybean and New Girl planted in cells. All tomatoes and peppers on heat mats);
King Richard Leeks; Yellow of Parma and Expression Onion (planted in rectangles);
Evergreen Scallions (planted in bunches of 10 in 2-in blocks.

March 2: all tomatoes up. Almost 100% germination. Roots visible on many peppers.

March 3: seeded Golden Nugget and Sun Gold tomatoes; Pintung Long Eggplant (all in cells); Sunray, New Ace, and Valencia Peppers, Basil, Parsley, and Tomatillos in microblocks on heat mat; Lincoln Leeks in rectangles.
Tiny spears of Yellow of Parma onion and Evergreen scallions starting to make an appearance.

March 4: many peppers up, King Richard Leeks poking up a few spears.


The Conservative Gardener said...

You're slightly ahead of me. Dang it!

April said...


I'm assuming you mean I'm ahead with my plants... or do you mean just getting these things in my "journal?"

Well, this is the time of year when I'm itching to get stuff planted, and sometimes jump the gun a bit. :-) So hopefully my tomatoes won't all get leggy before they can get some real sun and space. The onions I'm probably a little late on, actually. I like to get them planted around the first of Feb. to have decent plants to set out.

The race is on!

The Conservative Gardener said...

Yeah, I meant plants....more specifically tomato plants. I started about 2 weeks later than I wanted with my tomatoes. They'll catch up though.

Stratoz said...

looks like we are at similar places, but who wants to be exactly the same. good luck.

Tessa at Blunder's with shoots, blossoms 'n roots said...


I use the soil blocks too- if I have time to make the blocks, that is. I'm wondering, you have set your blocks in a standard flat- how is that working out. I build wooden flats like Coleman had for both my micro and 2". Are you finding that they get too moist putting the water in the flutes of the flat?

April said...

Hi Tessa! Thanks for stopping by!

I do have a few wooden boxes that I use after my plants can move out to the coldframe or greenhouse where I don't have to worry about water leaking. This time of year, the dry air in the house dries out the soil blocks very fast. I haven't had too many problems with the blocks being too wet. Occasionally when I have a tray on the heatmat, I will see some mold if I haven't opened up the lid for a few days. But it seems that once I ventilate them a little, they dry out rather quickly and my mister gets a workout. The main issue I have had with using the flats is that the microblocks fall down into the channels. What do you put your wood trays on if they are inside?

I hear you about having time--they do take a bit of that, don't they. I dream of getting that 20-blocker some day. :-) I do have quite a supply of 3 in pots that I've bought or collected, so most of my plants end up in those before finding their spot in the garden. The last two years I've had to buy a few trays (they have such short lifespans!) but other than that, have not bought any pots, etc. I LOVE the economical advantages so I work really hard to MAKE time for those blocks. Squishing up that wet dirt does a job on my hands, though! They are always dry and chapped in the winter, and playing in mud makes them a lot worse!

Dennis said...

You know how some people never carry their cell phones? The same people who never answer their cell phones? My wife says they're irresponsible cell phone users. I'm accusing you of being an irresponsible blogger! lol!

April said...

ACH!!! OK OK, I'll get on it! I have plenty of pics now--my sunroom is taken over by plants!

I'm going to go work on my new post RIGHT NOW.

Satisfied?! LOL!!!