Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back from vacation... time for garden bounty!

Our family was able to sneak away for a few days in the Northwoods of MN. We got back to find out that our area had some mega-rain, and then we had a doozy of a storm last night with about another inch! I went to the garden this evening, in the cool of the day and did some weeding. The ground is definitely wet, and the weeds are loving it! I couldn't believe what just 5 days can mean to some very vigorous weeds. But the plants that I WANT to grow are also doing great! I think you could probably see growth on the squash if you stood there for 5-10 minutes! Same with the cukes. AND I even found the first full-size tomato tonight. I think it was a Rutger (though not sure, since it was in the cherry tomato row... hmmm, a mystery!) and it was yummy. We sliced it up to have with our chicken dinner. 

The chickens were the last of our 2009 broilers. I just cooked them in the crockpot since I knew our day would be busy with cleanup from our camping trip. And it was... I think we washed 7 loads of laundry today, and still have another 5 or so to go! That's what happens when you take 8 people on a camping trip and it rains... every day... Ah well, it's to be expected "up north."
This week's CSA baskets will contain some cherry tomatoes (if they hurry and ripen), some beans, green onions, peppers, and maybe even an eggplant or two. The heat is good for the tomatoes--they love heat and ripen better when the nights stay above 70. So, they will soon be coming along. The corn is also looking pretty good, although the recent storms have cause a lot of blowdown in the corn patch. Nothing was snapped off, though, so it should be fine even if it doesn't look pretty. Ripe corn is still a ways off, but it will taste OH so good!

Hang in there, CSA members! Things are trying to get ready for you to eat!!! :-)

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