Saturday, April 3, 2010

Time to plant OUTSIDE?!

It is so hard to believe that it is already the beginning of April. It's even harder to believe this amazingly warm weather we've been having! We had no snowfall in March, the snow drifts and piles are GONE, and the temps have been hovering in the 60's and 70's--we even hit 80 two days this week! So far I've uncovered the strawberries and checked out the buds on the raspberries. Both look like they survived the winter well. The rhubarb is also making a good showing. So far, I haven't seen any asparagus tips, but hopefully they will be popping up soon, too. (Although I noticed some gopher or mole damage in the new asparagus bed--I just hope they didn't bother the plants!)

The photo above is some of last fall's rainbow carrots. I'll be planting these again this year. They are fun to grow--so colorful and tasty! This weekend or early next week, I'm planning on seeding the first plantings of carrots, lettuces, spinach, and broccoli. With this early spring, is it possible we will be enjoying the bounty of the garden earlier than usual?! We can hope!!!

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