Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 is here!

2010! Yes, it's here! I have sent in my seed order, and expect all those little gems to arrive any day. The onions will need to be started soon, quickly followed by the tomatoes and peppers. What fun! Little growing plants in the house will help to send away the winter doldrums!

We are continuing our CSA garden this year. Last year we supplied food for 8 families, including our own. What an accomplishment! I look forward to another wonderful season this year! I have added a few different varieties of peppers and tomatoes to the mix this year, and I promise the jalapenos will have some heat! Last year, they were so mild our 4-year-old could munch on them fresh from the garden! Over the next few days I plan on posting more of the photos that I took last season. The collage above features (clockwise from top left) Brandywine tomato blossoms, onions and leeks ready for baskets, a variety of cherry and grape tomatoes, and baby melon plants ready to be set out.

I just finished the brochure for our farm items for the 2010 season. Watch for it in the mail or at Ferndale Market in Cannon Falls.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks amazing!! You are seriously giving me a case of spring fever. Or even summer fever for that matter.

April said...

Thanks, Megan! I get a little carried away with my garden. :-) But last year, I remembered (or rather, was reminded!) to take pictures of some of it. Ahhhh, fresh tomatoes. Really is there anything better??? Yes, I think I might be in danger of getting "summer fever," too! haha!