Sunday, January 25, 2009

Now THOSE are cucumbers!

This is a photo of part of my garden, year 2006--the summer of plentiful cucumbers, tomatoes, leeks, corn, ... YOU NAME IT! Just look at those cucumber plants. Down in the left corner is one of the baskets of cukes we harvested that day--we had to pick every day and emerged with baskets like that! The leeks just to the right of the cukes are now one of my favorite vegetables to plant. They are amazingly forgiving, and as long as they are started early indoors, they grow a beautiful long white shank here in the short MN summer.

This is one of my favorite garden pictures--it amazes me everytime I look at it. It also makes me sad that I haven't taken more garden pictures. I'm planning on taking LOTS of pics this year! And hopefully the cukes will be even more amazing!


Anonymous said...

I'm almost having a horror flashback. I spent 3 summers ('78-'80) picking cukes at nearby farms. It was almost torture. They would build wing platforms on the sides of old trucks and then put mattresses on them. We would (I was 12 the first year) lay on our bellies, letting our arms dangle. They would drive the truck about 2 miles per hour and we would pick prickly cukes all day. I couldn't eat cukes untill I was 35.

April said...

Oh my! I can believe it! I will stick with my 2-4 rows of cucumber fences and NO MORE! Those provide me and half the neighborhood with plenty of cukes!

Kristen said...

I'm remembering the first year we gardened together and planted a field of 100 sprawling tomato plant that got absolutely pummeled by hail. We thought it was a complete loss. It turns out tomatoes enjoy a good flogging! I miss that... I can't wait to weed with you. You won't cry or disappear like my kids do.
BTW, beautiful blog, April.